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Established in 1980 and incorporated in 1985, Gemmell Griffin & Dunbar Ltd (GGD) is the longest established creator of Guinness Approved Irish Bars. With "Murphys Bleachers" in Chicago in 1988, we became the first Irish Pub Building Company to successfully export an Irish bar.

Gemmell Griffin Dunbar has a unique 150-year-old family history of handcrafted millwork and an unrivaled reputation for authenticity and excellence. From our dedicated bar design and Irish pub manufacturing facilities, we create traditional Irish Pubs using rich natural timbers, hand crafted mirrors and leaded glass. Each Irish bar is designed to the exact specification of our clients and is fully assembled prior to delivery to ensure a smooth and swift installation with minimum disruption.

Our distinct designs deliver an outstanding consistency of quality, finish and authenticity, with all the charm of a green and distinct Ireland. These qualities create the uniquely hospitable atmosphere that makes the Irish bar such a successful investment.

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