The Importance of Branding - Guiness and Irish pub branding example.

When commissioning your pub design it is important to consider your overall brand. This is the 'look and feel' of your pub or bar design, what it stands for and the message you want it to portray. Your brand identity will play an important role in defining and answering these questions. 

There a three key areas that should be adhered to when formulating an authentic Irish pub brand that will help build a strong brand identity. 

Corporate ID

A strong corporate identity is crucial to building a recognised brand. It helps establish trust, value perception and formulates brand loyalty.


Consistency is the key to quality. GGD Global' design team recognise the value of maintaining consistency as it reinforces the brand message and helps establish trust. 

Professional branding

Brand loyalty is the key to success for the world's leading brands. Professional branding can often prove to be a significant initial investment but it will pay for itself in the long run.