Reilly's daughter is a true representation of the GGD Global Snug Pub design. With only 900 square feet to work with, GGD Global managed to incorporate all the elements of an authentic Victorian style Irish pub with beautiful millwork, glass, lights and mirrors. Commissioned by Boz O'Brien - who is a true legend on the Chicago pub scene - Reilly's Daughter now provides an oasis for weary travellers to reside and relax. 

Customer Testimonial 

"The first thing you’ll want to know about this cozy enclave is that the bar, and all its furniture, was crafted in Ireland. The second thing you’ll want to know is that much of the beer is Irish – Guinness, Harp,and Smithwick’s – and all on-tap. When O’Brien first opened the place, 'I didn’t think people would be interested in Irish beer,' He was wrong."