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During the 1980's, the concept of exporting authentic Irish Pubs to countries around the world was developed. This was primarily due to their visual appeal and inviting Irish atmosphere. Guinness chose GGD Global as the first approved Irish Pub Concept design and build company to design and build authentic Irish pubs and bars that delivered on quality, authenticity and creative expertise with a business flair.

The success of an authentic Irish pub design and build is down to the ability to recreate a piece of Ireland abroad using traditional Irish motifs and craftsmanship.

Guinness pub & bar designers are committed to making your Irish pub build a resounding success. Guinness designers are dedicated to using as many authentic Irish elements and materials as possible in your pub build including wooden bars, wood panelled walls and wooden tables and chairs as well as fixtures made of luminous brass. All of these factors will contribute to the 'small-town' atmosphere and welcoming environment of a traditional Irish Pub. Oftentimes, structures will be built in Ireland and exported to the destination country to maintain the authenticity of the build. Our Guinness designers will work with you to seamlessly integrate all the elements of an authentic Irish pub whilst enabling you to include your own modern twist should you wish.

Irish pubs & bars have always been a staple in Irish culture and remain to this day as a place for conversation, music, fun, rest and solace. Guinness Designers work to include a place for all of these activities that would regularly take place in an Irish bar including areas for conversation, flat screens for broadcasting sport and an area for music / performing. The designers’ dedication to maintaining this authenticity and traditional Irish atmosphere are the reason why these establishments have maintained such popularity and success.

Bar Styles

irish pub bar branding logo design

If you are looking for a small outlet with a high return per square metre, then 'The Trinity' Irish Pub Design is for you!

irish pub bar branding logo design

The country cottage style derives from the traditional stone and thatch roofed cottages of rural Ireland.

irish pub bar branding logo design

The Snug design was developed in response to feedback from clients across Europe, Canada and the USA who wanted to incorporate an authentic Irish Bar product into their business.

irish pub bar branding logo design

The Victorian Irish Pub Design is quintessentially the most ornate and finely crafted pub type in our selection.

irish pub bar branding logo design

'The Country Shop' originated in small rural communities throughout Ireland where the shopkeeper would double as a publican.

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I've built 4 pubs so far with GGD Global and have to say can't wait to our next project. Best Pub builders in the business.

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I'm aware the GGD built irish pub in Kiev and it was a very good experience to deal with GGD. They are professionals in this area. And was a pleasure to work with.

Anna Lysenko

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Would Recommend

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