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Architectural Interior Design

GGD Global is a leader in Irish Pub & Bar design having designed, built and managed projects for some of the leading brands in the commercial, retail, hotel and leisure industry. GGD Global is an approved supplier from blue chip companies including Guinness and Marriott Hotels.

Our dedicated architects have designed everything from the versatile Snug to the grandest Irish Pubs across Europe, Canada and USA. We partner with our clients to deliver custom Irish Pub Designs on time and within budget.


When commissioning your pub design it is important to consider your overall brand. This is the 'look and feel' of your pub or bar design, what it stands for and the message you want it to portray. Your brand identity will play an important role in defining and answering these questions. 

There are three key areas that should be adhered to when formulating an authentic Irish pub brand that will help build a strong brand identity

  • Corporate ID

    A strong corporate identity is crucial to building a recognised brand. It helps establish trust, value perception and formulates brand loyalty.

  • Consistency

    Remaining consistent with your brand is key to helping gain trust from your consumers. Making choices consistent with your ethos helps you establish a recognised brand.

  • Professional Branding

    Brand loyalty is the key to success for the world's leading brands. Professional branding can often prove to be a significant initial investment but it will pay for itself in the long run.

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Website Design

As well as designing a beautiful bar with exceptional branding, we can also provide you with a website for all of your business needs.


Business Plans & Assistance

Recent research shows that opening a pub, bar or restaurant can be one of the most likely business types to close down in the first year of opening. With our experience of over 30 years of building, running and installing bars we have gained vast experience in coming up with effective business plans and managing techniques which vastly increase the chances of your business standing the test of time and being profitable.

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Here ar GGD Global Ltd. we take tremendous pride in our work and always endevour to provide our customers with the highest standard of pub, bar or resaurant.

Therefore, nothing makes us happier than hearing from our satisfied customers.

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I've built 4 pubs so far with GGD Global and have to say can't wait to our next project. Best Pub builders in the business.

Vintage Cafe

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I'm aware the GGD built irish pub in Kiev and it was a very good experience to deal with GGD. They are professionals in this area. And was a pleasure to work with.

Anna Lysenko

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Would Recommend

Hiten Sanghavi

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Would Recommend

Marius Orijinall